Indie game studio EdenSpiel was founded by Maxim Mosienko and Dmitry Baikov to make our childhood dream come true — to always have a choice of games to play with a friend*, not against a friend

* ’Friends’ are not only friends, but also siblings, parents, partners and couples

Our Game

We believe that synchronous co-op games have great potential.

Remarkable examples of market pioneers give us confidence that we can take the next big step to fast-forward children and parents to friendship.

Advanced co-op: both synchronous and asynchronous, symmetric and asymmetric, with and without interdependence

Engaging story about the development of relationships

Casual gameplay for a broad family audience

And of course the synergy of the fun of playing together rather than against each other



I was once a programmer, a manager and an office director with a dream to start and succeed with own company one day. And this day finally came true after 20 years and now I am in adventure of building cooperative games for players to become friends.


I earned a lot of XP points at different levels: as a developer, product manager, CEO, strategy consultant and coach in industries from software to cookies. But my main passion has always been games. Every company I lead as exciting co-op game to win.


Why? We believe friendship helps create a solid inner core and makes life more interesting and exciting.

But… Children and teens live in an environment where so many products are designed to ease the pain of being alone — computer games against someone virtual, online courses, and videos on YouTube. As a result, the child is very busy but lonely…

To live an exciting and interesting life you need to find a friend and go on an adventure with him. Whether in a cooperative game or in real life.

Our Values

We are players. Business is a game. We play with each other and It is fun to play with us, even if the game might be tricky sometimes.

We are open, honest and transparent in how we communicate and approach our work, results and relationships.

We are collaborative. We prefer to envision and inspire rather than micromanage. Every team member can be a leading player.

We are learners. There are no mistakes. Only feedback. We listen, learn and improve. Always.

If our values resonate with yours and you’re passionate about cooperative games and leveraging the newest techs to serve a new generation of gamers,


We are looking for the core team members!

As an early-stage start-up

We’re hiring for multiple positions!

Take the chance to become the first employees of the next unicorn and reap future rewards.